NP30 Surfactant, a powerful emulsifier and cleaning agent designed to tackle a wide range of industrial and household applications. This nonylphenol-based surfactant is renowned for its exceptional emulsification and wetting properties, making it an ideal choice for various formulations where efficient mixing of oil and water-based components is essential.


  • Highly water-soluble emulsifier & stabilizer
  • Effective at high temperatures
  • Excellent detergency
  • Versatile solubility characteristics
  • Low odor
  • Outstanding wetting


  • Wetting agents & stabilizers
  • Emulsifiers & dispersants
  • Agrochemicals

Purity ≥ 99.0

Appearance White to off white flakes
Physical State Solid
Boiling Point 240°C
Freezing Point 46°C
Flash Point >240°C
pH 6.00 – 8.00 (%5 water solution)

2-[2-(4-Nonylphenoxy)ethoxy]ethanol 20427-84-3 68412-54-4 9016-45-9 Nonoxynol-2 4-Nonylphenol diethoxylate Adekatol NP EON 2 Igepal CO-210 Igepal CO-630 2-(2-(4-Nonylphenoxy)ethoxy)ethanol Ethanol, 2-(2-(4-nonylphenoxy)ethoxy)- UNII-U4A966MO25 CHEMBL194034 U4A966MO25 EINECS 243-816-4 Ethanol, 2-[2-(4-nonylphenoxy)ethoxy]- DSSTox_CID_16588 DSSTox_RID_79288 DSSTox_GSID_36588 4-Nonyl Phenol Diethoxylate Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), a-(nonylphenyl)-w-hydroxy- CAS-26027-38-3 Nonoxinolum Alfenol Agral Agral Plus Synperonic NX Alcosist PN Alkasurf NP Lissapol NX Tergetol NP Antarox CO Nonoxynol 2 Tergitol NPX Chemax NP series Afilan CVH Agral R Alfenol 8 Agral LN Nonoxynol-30 Nonoxynol-44 Unicol np-2 Alkasurf NP 8 Carsonon N-9 NPEOx Alfenol 10 Alfenol 18 Alfenol 22 Alfenol 28 Alfenol N 8 Neutronyx 600 Protachem 630 Rewopol HV-9 Akyporox NP 95 Alkasurf NP 11 Alkasurf NP 15 Prevocel #12 Tergitol NP-10 Tergitol NP-14 Tergitol NP-27 Trycol NP-1 Alfenol 710 Antarox 897 Adekatol NP 638 Adekatol NP 650 Adekatol NP 660 Adekatol NP 675 Adekatol NP 683 Adekatol NP 686 Adekatol NP 690 Adekatol NP 700 Adekatol NP 710 Adekatol NP 720 Adekatol NP 760 Adekatol NP 900 Akyporox NP 105 Agral 90 Dowfax 9N20 Hyonic PE 90 Antarox CO 430 Antarox CO 530 Antarox CO 630 Antarox CO 730 Antarox CO 850 Arkopal N-090 Caswell No. 605 Adekatol NP 1000 Adekatol NP 1100 Agral 600 Emulgen – 913 Hyonic PE 100 Hyonic PE 120 Nonal 202 Triton N-100 A 730 (surfactant) NPEO2 NONOXYNOL [MI] Nonylphenol-2-ethoxylate Nonoxinolum [INN-Latin] Tergitol TP-9 (nonionic) IGEPAL-CO-430 PEG-13 Nonyl phenyl ether PEG-15 Nonyl phenyl ether PEG-30 Nonyl phenyl ether PEG-44 Nonyl phenyl ether 4-n-Nonylphenol-diethoxylate NONOXYNOL-2 [INCI] Tergitol NP-33 (nonionic) Tergitol NP-35 (nonionic) Tergitol NP-40 (nonionic) SCHEMBL285443 DTXSID9058600 HSDB 6825 4-Nonylphenoldiethoxylate (NP2EO) Tox21_111536 Tox21_302133 BDBM50410502 MFCD00148006 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 079005 2-[2-(4-Nonylphenoxy)ethoxy]ethanol # NCGC00164410-02 NCGC00255429-01 Ethanol, 2-[2-(p-nonylphenoxy)ethoxy]- 2-[2-(4-nonylphenoxy)ethoxy]ethan-1-ol LS-118796 A 730 FT-0673036 FT-0774757 EC 500-209-1 500-209-1 (NLP #) EN300-18545600 SR-01000944802 SR-01000944802-1 Q63392135 4-n-Nonylphenol-di-ethoxylate 100 microg/mL in Acetonitrile Poli (oxi-1,2-etanodiil), alfa-(nonilfenil)-w-hidroxi-, ramificado Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl),I<<-(nonylphenyl)-Ass-hydroxy-,branched