DiBasic Esters


Dibasic Ester (DBE) is a purified mixture of dimethyl esters of adipic, glutaric, and succinic acids. DBE is a liquid substance, non-flammable, readily biodegradable, and has a slightly fruity odor. It is easily soluble in alcohols, ketones, ethers, and many hydrocarbons, but only sparingly soluble in water and higher paraffins.


  • High boiling point (low vapor pressure)
  • Slow evaporation rate
  • High flash point
  • Low miscibility with water
  • High miscibility with most organic solvents
  • Easily biodegradable


  • Used as the base for paint strippers and cleaning solvents
  • In inks
  • Decorative and industrial coatings
  • Construction
  • Coil coatings
  • Plasticizers
  • Resins
  • Binders
  • Soil stabilization

Purity ≥ 99.0 (Ester Content)

Appearance Clear, colorless
Physical State Liquid
Odor Fruity
Density 1.19 g/mL at 25 °C
Boiling Point 196-225 °C
Freezing Point –20 °C
Flash Point 212 °F


Estasol Dibasic ester 95481-62-2 RDPE dimethyl butanedioate;dimethyl hexanedioate;dimethyl pentanedioate DBE dibasic ester Pentanedioic acid, dimethyl ester, mixt. with dimethyl butanedioate and dimethyl hexanedioate Hexanedioic acid, dimethyl ester, mixt. with dimethyl butandedioate and dimethyl pentanedioate Hexanedioic acid, dimethyl ester, mixt. with dimethyl butanedioate and dimethyl pentanedioate SCHEMBL4450294 QYMFNZIUDRQRSA-UHFFFAOYSA-N C8H14O4.C7H12O4.C6H10O4 C8-H14-O4.C7-H12-O4.C6-H10-O4 dimethyl adipate dimethyl glutarate dimethyl succinate dimethyl butanedioate,dimethyl hexanedioate,dimethyl pentanedioate dimethyl adipate compound with dimethyl glutarate and dimethyl succinate (1:1:1)