Thioglycolic acid


Thioglycolic acid is a versatile organic compound widely recognized for its unique chemical properties and diverse applications across various industries. With a molecular structure containing both a thiol (-SH) group and a carboxylic acid (-COOH) group, it exhibits distinct reactivity that makes it a valuable reagent in different processes.


  • Hair and Beauty Industry
  • Metal Plating and Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Pharmaceuticals and Drug Development
  • Dyes and Pigments

Purity 98.0%

Appearance Clear, colorless
Physical State Liquid
Odor Strong, unpleasant odor
Density 1.3253 g/cu cm at 20 °C
Boiling Point 120°C
Freezing Point –16.5 °C
Flash Point 130 °C (Closed cup)
Viscosity 6.55 mPa.s (= cP) at 20 °C
Vapor Pressure 0.02 kPa at 30 °C


mercaptoacetic acid thioglycolic acid 68-11-1 2-Mercaptoacetic acid 2-Thioglycolic acid Acetic acid, mercapto- Sulfanylacetic acid Thioglycollic acid 2-sulfanylacetic acid Thiovanic acid Mercaptoessigsaeure Glycolic acid, thio- 2-Mercaptoacetate thioglycolate Acide thioglycolique Glycolic acid, 2-thio- thioglycolicacid USAF CB-35 Acetic acid, 2-mercapto- mercapto acetic acid mercapto-acetic acid Mercaptoethanoic acid Kyselina thioglykolova Kyselina merkaptooctova Thioglykolsaeure alpha-Mercaptoacetic acid Merkaptoessigsaeure NSC 1894 .alpha.-Mercaptoacetic acid Acide thioglycolique [French] Kyselina thioglykolova [Czech] CCRIS 4873 Kyselina merkaptooctova [Czech] HSDB 2702 NSC-1894 EINECS 200-677-4 UN1940 BRN 0506166 UNII-7857H94KHM AI3-24151 CHEMBL116455 DTXSID8026141 CHEBI:30065 7857H94KHM EC 200-677-4 4-03-00-00600 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) DTXCID406141 CAS-68-11-1 NA1940 Tioglykolsyre mercaptoactic acid 2-mercaptoaceticacid MFCD00004876 Sulfanylacetic acid # HSCH2COOH HSCH2CO2H WLN: SH1VQ Thioglycolic acid, >=97% Thioglycolic acid, >=98% Thioglycolic acid, >=99% C2H4O2S THIOGLYCOLIC ACID [MI] THIOGLYCOLIC ACID [INCI] Thioglycolic acid, LR, ~80% CWERGRDVMFNCDR-UHFFFAOYSA- NSC1894 C2-H4-O2-S MERCAPTOACETIC ACID [HSDB] THIOGLYCOLIC ACID [WHO-DD] THIOGLYCOLLIC ACID [MART.] STR00166 Tox21_201717 Tox21_303306 BDBM50336509 STL264219 AKOS000118940 DB15429 LS-1576 Thioglycolic acid, for synthesis, 97% UN 1940 Mercaptoacetic acid; (Thioglycolic acid) NCGC00249103-01 NCGC00257153-01 NCGC00259266-01 NCI60_001579 Thioglycolic acid [UN1940] [Corrosive] Thioglycolic acid [UN1940] [Corrosive] FT-0628213 FT-0651867 M0052 EN300-19250 C02086 E78850 Q414738 InChI=1/C2H4O2S/c3-2(4)1-5/h5H,1H2,(H,3,4)