Diisopropylamine is a chemical compound that appears as a clear and colorless liquid. It is a member of the amine family and is characterized by its distinctive amine odor. The compound consists of two isopropyl groups (-CH(CH3)2) attached to a central amino group (-NH2), imparting specific chemical properties and reactivity.


  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Rubber and Plastics
  • Agrochemicals
  • Corrosion Inhibition
  • Gas Treatment

Purity ≥99.5
Color (Pt-Co) ≤ 10

Appearance Clear, colorless
Physical State Liquid
Odor ammoniacal
Density 0.716 g/cm3 at 20°C
Boiling Point 83°C
Freezing Point -61 °C
Flash Point -13.5°C
Viscosity dynamic: 0,4 mPa.s at 25 °C
pKa 11.16
Vapor Pressure 93°C hPa at 20 °C


DIISOPROPYLAMINE 108-18-9 N-(1-Methylethyl)-2-propanamine N,N-Diisopropylamine 2-Propanamine, N-(1-methylethyl)- N-propan-2-ylpropan-2-amine N-isopropylpropan-2-amine diisopropyl amine N-Isopropyl-1-amino-2-methylethane bis(isopropyl)amine NSC 6758 Diisopropylamin CCRIS 6235 HSDB 931 Bis(Propan-2-Yl)Amine UNII-BR9JLI40NO BR9JLI40NO EINECS 203-558-5 di-isopropylammonium DTXSID9025085 AI3-15345 NSC-6758 UN1158 2-Propaneamine, N-(1-methylethyl)- DTXCID905085 N-(propan-2-yl)propan-2-amine EC 203-558-5 NCGC00091070-01 NCGC00091070-02 C6H15N CAS-108-18-9 Diisoproylamine diisoproplyamine diisopropyiamine Diisopropilamina diisopropylarnine Diisoproyl amine di-isopropylamine diiso-propylamine diisoproply amine diisopropyl-amine diisopropylamine- di-i-propylamine di(isopropyl)amine di-iso-propylamine di-isopropyl amine Diiso propyl amine di-iso-propyl amine di-iso-propyl-amine HNiPr2 iPr2NH MFCD00008862 N,N-diisoproplyamine i-Pr2NH N, N-diisopropylamine N,N-di-isopropylamine N,N-diisopropyl amine N,N-diisopropyl-amine di(1-methylethyl)amine Diisopropylamine, 99% DIA (CHRIS Code) N,N,-di-isopropylamine N,N-di-iso-propylamine (iPr)2NH HN(iPr)2 N-isopropyl-isopropylamine (i-Pr)2NH HN(i-Pr)2 NH(i-Pr)2 (iso-C3H7)2NH Diisopropylamine, >=99% N-isopropylpropane-2-amine SCHEMBL2020 DIISOPROPYLAMINE [MI] Diisopropylamine Reagent Grade Diisopropylamine, >=99.5% DIISOPROPYLAMINE [HSDB] DIISOPROPYLAMINE [INCI] CHEMBL1450356 Diisopropylamine sulfate (2:1) N-(1-Methylethyl)-2-propamine SCHEMBL11097419 DIISOPROPYLAMINE [WHO-DD] NSC6758 WLN: 1Y1&MY1&1 N-(1-methylethyl)propan-2-amine Diisopropylamine, redistilled grade 2-propanamina, N-(1-metiletil)- N-(1-methylethyl)–2-propanamine STR01875 Diisopropylamine, analytical standard Tox21_111075 Tox21_200216 LS-454 NA1158 STL264227 AKOS000120153 Tox21_111075_1 UN 1158 NCGC00091070-03 NCGC00257770-01 BP-31036 D0925 FT-0625007 Diisopropylamine, SAJ first grade, >=98.0% Diisopropylamine [UN1158] [Flammable liquid] Diisopropylamine [UN1158] [Flammable liquid] Diisopropylamine, puriss. p.a., >=99.0% (GC) Q420331 J-520332 Diisopropylamine, purified by redistillation, 99.95% InChI=1/C6H15N/c1-5(2)7-6(3)4/h5-7H,1-4H