Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM)


Vinyl Acetate Monomer, also known as VAM, is a colorless monomer with a strong odor. It is a precursor to the important polymer polyvinyl acetate, which has significant industrial applications. VAM is used as a crucial raw material for many industrial products. It can undergo various expected reactions typical of an alkene and an ester.


Polyvinyl acetate is used in paints, adhesives, paper coatings, and textile processes, while polyvinyl alcohol is utilized in adhesives, packaging, and wrapping sizes.

VAM is employed in the production of polyvinyl butyral, which is used in manufacturing laminated safety glass for automobiles and buildings. It is also used in the production of ethylene-vinyl acetate resin, which finds applications in packaging films, heavy-duty bags, extrusion coatings, wire and cable coatings, hot melt adhesives, and cross-linked foams. Additionally, it is used as ethylene alcohol resins for gas barriers and barrier coatings for automotive tanks.

Purity ≥ 99.0

Appearance Clear, colorless
Physical State Liquid
Odor Fruity, sweet odor
Density 0.932 at 20 °C
Boiling Point 72.8 °C
Freezing Point -93.2 °C
Flash Point -8 °C, closed cup
Viscosity 0.43 cPs at 20 °C
Vapor Pressure 90.2 mm Hg at 20 °C


VINYL ACETATE Ethenyl acetate 108-05-4 Acetic acid ethenyl ester Acetic acid vinyl ester Ethenyl ethanoate Acetoxyethene Acetoxyethylene 1-Acetoxyethylene Vinyl ethanoate Vinyl A monomer Vinyl acetate monomer Vinylacetat Vinylacetate Zeset T Vinylacetaat Acetic acid, ethenyl ester 9003-20-7 Octan winylu Acetate de vinyle Vinyl acetate H.Q. Ethanoic acid, ethenyl ester Vinile (acetato di) Vinyle (acetate de) VyAc Acetic acid, vinyl ester Vinylester kyseliny octove Acetic acid, ethylene ether NSC 8404 Vinylacetaat [Dutch] Vinylacetat [German] Octan winylu [Polish] Vinylazetat CCRIS 1306 HSDB 190 Acetate de vinyle [French] EINECS 203-545-4 Everflex 81L Essigsaeurevinylester UNII-L9MK238N77 Vinnapas A 50 Vinyle (acetate de) [French] Vinile (acetato di) [Italian] DTXSID3021431 CHEBI:46916 AI3-18437 L9MK238N77 Vinylester kyseliny octove [Czech] NSC-8404 UN1301 CH3CO2CH=CH2 Unocal 76 Res S-55 Vinyl ester of acetic acid Unocal 76 Res 6206 DTXCID201431 VAC EC 203-545-4 VINYL ACETATE (IARC) VINYL ACETATE [IARC] Vinyl acetate, analytical standard VyAr Acetic Acid Vinyl Ester Monomer Vinile Vinyle Actate de vinyle Vinile(acetato di) Vinylacetat(german) Vinyle(acetate de) Vinyl acetate H.Q Vinyl acetate, CP PONAL Ethenyl acetate, 9CI VAM (CHRIS Code) VINYL ACETATE HQ Vinyl acetate, inhibited Acetic acid ethylene ether Plyamul 40305-00 VINYL ACETATE [MI] VINYL ACETATE [HSDB] VINYL ACETATE [INCI] UN 1301 (Salt/Mix) WLN: 1VO1U1 RP 251 (ESTER) CHEMBL1470323 VINYL ACETATE, STABILIZED NSC8404 Tox21_200817 BBL036266 LS-451 MFCD00008713 NA1301 RP 251 STL264216 AKOS009120081 NCGC00091098-01 NCGC00091098-02 NCGC00258371-01 CAS-108-05-4 Vinyl Acetate 2000 microg/mL in Methanol Vinyl Acetate Monomer (stabilized with HQ) A0045 FT-0621762 FT-0695979 EN300-27348 C19309 A801803 Q377339 Vinyl acetate monomer [Acetic acid ethenyl ester] J-002050 F8880-1173 InChI=1/C4H6O2/c1-3-6-4(2)5/h3H,1H2,2H Vinyl acetate, inhibited [UN1301] [Flammable liquid] Vinyl acetate, inhibited [UN1301] [Flammable liquid] Vinyl Acetate contains 3-20 ppm hydroquinone as inhibitor Vinyl acetate, European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard Vinyl acetate, contains 3-20 ppm hydroquinone as inhibitor, >=99% TP 1660 Synemul C060 DENKA POVAL K-17C VAMax™ Series VINNAPAS® M 50/300