Glycidyl Methacrylate (GMA)


Glycidyl Methacrylate (GMA) is a chemical compound used in polymer chemistry for various applications. It is an ester of Methacrylic Acid and contains both an acrylate group and an epoxy group, making it highly reactive. GMA’s unique reactivity enables it to undergo polymerization reactions, leading to the formation of copolymers and resins. It is valued for its ability to enhance adhesion between different materials, making it essential in adhesives and coatings.


  • Adhesion
  • Cross Linking
  • Versatility


  • Natural rubber for improving the quality of varnishes and paints.
  • Latex for industrial protective coatings.
  • Synthetic fibers for enhancing performance properties.
  • Thermoplastics for improving structural and ion-exchange materials.
  • In the field of Poligraphy.
  • In the automotive industry for various applications.
  • In radio engineering and microelectronics.
  • In biotechnology and medical applications.


  • Coating resins
  • Adhesives
  • Textile finishes
  • Ion-exchange resins
  • Modifications
  • Electrical resistance for electrification.

Purity min. 98.5.0 %
Acid Content max. 0.5%
Water Content max. 0.1 %
Color (APHA) max. 30
Inhibitor 100±10 ppm

Appearance Clear, colorless
Physical State Liquid
Odor Fruity
Density 1.073~1.083 g/cm at 20 °C
Boiling Point 189 °C
Freezing Point – 41.5 °C
Flash Point 76 °C
Viscosity 2.14mPa・s at 25℃
Vapor Pressure 1,333 Pa, 10mmHg at 75℃


GLYCIDYL METHACRYLATE 106-91-2 2,3-Epoxypropyl methacrylate Glycidol methacrylate SY-Monomer G oxiran-2-ylmethyl 2-methylprop-2-enoate Acriester G Blemmer G Blemmer GMA Light Ester G glycidylmethacrylate Methacrylic acid, 2,3-epoxypropyl ester oxiran-2-ylmethyl methacrylate 2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl-, oxiranylmethyl ester 2-((Methacryloxy)methyl)oxirane Glycidyl alpha-methylacrylate CP 105 NSC 24156 Methacrylic Acid Glycidyl Ester 25067-05-4 Glycidyl alpha-methyl acrylate 1-Propanol, 2,3-epoxy-, methacrylate CCRIS 2626 HSDB 494 DTXSID0025361 EINECS 203-441-9 NSC-24156 SR 379 Glycidyl methacrylate(GMA) UNII-R8WN29J8VF 2,3-Epoxypropyl methacrylic acid ester BRN 0002506 R8WN29J8VF 2,3-Epoxypropanol methacrylate Glycidyl .alpha.-methylacrylate NSC24156 2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl-, 2-oxiranylmethyl ester (oxiran-2-yl)methyl 2-methylprop-2-enoate Glycidyl Methacrylate (stabilized with MEHQ) EC 203-441-9 5-17-03-00035 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) GMA DTXCID305361 oxiran-2-ylmethyl 2-methylacrylate Methacrylic acid,3-epoxypropyl ester WLN: T3OTJ B1OVY1 & U1 CAS-106-91-2 Acryester G glycidyl-methacrylate GCM (CHRIS Code) Mthacrylate de glycidyle methacrylic acid glycidyl NCIOpen2_000036 oxiran-2-ylmethylmethacrylate SCHEMBL15617 methacrylic acid-glycidyl ester CHEMBL1333073 CHEBI:132844 NSC67195 (C7-H10-O3)x- GLYCIDYL METHACRYLATE [HSDB] Tox21_201494 Tox21_303145 (+/-)-GLYCIDYL METHACRYLATE 2-Oxiranylmethyl 2-methylacrylate # BBL010914 LS-411 MFCD00005137 NSC-67195 SR-379 STK801798 AKOS000276065 AKOS016041668 Glycidyl methacrylate, >=97.0% (GC) NCGC00091055-01 NCGC00091055-02 NCGC00256974-01 NCGC00259045-01 VS-02747 2-methyl-acrylic acid oxiranylmethyl ester CS-0063449 Epoxypropyl methacrylate,5 cp(25 degrees c) FT-0609742 M0590 Glycidyl Methacrylate, (stabilized with MEHQ) 2-methyl-acrylic acid oxiran-2-yl-methyl ester E75837 Glycidyl methacrylate, purum, >=97.0% (GC) A801532 Q2013175 W-108764 Methacrylic Acid Glycidyl Ester (stabilized with MEHQ) Glycidyl methacrylate, 97%, contains 100 ppm monomethyl ether hydroquinone as inhibitor LIGHT ESTER G BLEMMER® G BLEMMER® GH Kowa GMA LOTADER® AX8840 AHA 7300 EXOTHANE™ BisGMA:TEGDMA Blend (70:30)  BLEMMER® G-F A80 Etermer EM54 X-950-0000 BisGMA AHA 7550 LOTADER® AX8900 X-738-0000 Ethoxylated Bis Phenol A Dimethacrylate (EO = 30) X-970-0000 Ethoxylated Bis Phenol A Dimethacrylate