About Us

We are continuously creating collaborative chemical solutions…

AdaKem, established in 1998, started its activities as an importer company in the international chemical market. In the continuing years, AdaKem has established colloboration as in distributorship and representative basis with many companies that some are world wide known brands in their own area, and also continuously expanded its product portfolio with manufacturing some specialty mixes for certain markets, and served as an exporter to many countries starting from the neighbour countries to the overseas customers, hence reached to its current situation in the Turkish and international chemical market.

Our company supplies chemical raw materials to various market sectors such as paint, leather, construction, petrochemistry, plastics, polyester, polyurethane, water treatment, agriculture, textile, and adhesive; and we serve to meet our customers’ needs either with our domestic sales or in proforma basis through the companies that we represent or cooperate.


The global economy is constantly changing, and the peoples’ sense of value is rapidly diversifying. Regarding this, as AdaKem with the primary goal of openning avenues of trade between Turkey and the rest of the world, we strive to meet arising needs in the chemical marketplace through constantly changing technology and product variety and quality; and we are dedicated to giving our customers the finest quality and service available. Customers are valued partners who permit us to remain in business; and we are priviliged to serve their needs.